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Big Pedal 2016 Update


Congratulations to all those who took part in The Big Pedal.  Our final positions - the average of our 5 best days over the 2 weeks were as follows:


In Cardiff - 4th place

In Wales - 22nd place

In the UK - 398th out of 1670

On behalf of the Activ8 Crew and the school team, can we say a big thank you to everyone who has sacrificed their time (and sanity!) in getting their children to school on bikes or scooters.


Thank You!

Road Safety Training


Over four days, (Monday 18th to Thursday 21st April) twelve of our Year 5 & Year 6 pupils were trained by the Council Road Safety Team in protecting themselves, and other road users, when cycling on the road and in traffic.

Helmets and hi-viz gear were mandatory but even so, the children had a great time learning the rules of the road and now have a better appreciation of the dangers that they might face when out and about on their bikes.


We would all like to send out a big thanks to Aled and the other tutors who made the sessions fun and educational.

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The Big Pedal has begun!


The Activ8 Crew would like to thank everyone who's cycled, scooted or skateboarded their way into school this week. We've had a great response and we are doing very well as we're currently the 4th best school in Cardiff, but we think that we can do a little better.

So, if you're able to cycle or scoot with your children into school and give us a boost - so we can get into the top three - that would be fantastic. We're pretty sure that you'll also have a lot of fun as well! The weather looks good for the rest of the 10 days (bar Friday which looks a bit wet), so get yourself out and help us up the charts!

The Big Pedal 2016


Starting on the 18th of April and running for 2 weeks 'til the 29th, we will be taking part in the Big Pedal 2016.


The Big Pedal is designed to encourage children, as well as parents & siblings, to put the car keys to one side and to either bike or scooter to and from school for 10 school days. Hopefully this burst of activity will help everyone see the benefits of regular exercise and lead to the ongoing use of bikes and scooters.


We will be in direct competition with other local schools in Cardiff, as well as schools nationally. There are prizes for the most active schools so the competition is fierce.


If you can encourage your child to bike or scoot to school or even if you want to join them, then please free free to join in and help us get that Big Pedal spinning.


Bicycle Road Safety Training


Also, on Monday 18th to Thursday 21st of April, Years 5 & 6 have the opportunity to take part in Road Safety Training. If you would like your child to benefit from this free professional training, so that they will be safer on our busy, local roads, then please fill in and return the form that has been sent out with your child.

To take part, you will need to ensure that you child's bike is in a fit state with fully inflated tyres, working brakes and has been adjusted properly for their height. Also, they will need a helmet and have a good ability to cycle as they will be on the local roads for some of the sessions. Failure to ensure that these standards are met will mean that your child will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Bike It is no more...


Sadly, the BikeIt! Initiative and the BikeIt! Crew have come to an end, but don't worry as BikeIt! has been replaced by the Activ8 Crew.


As the Activ8 Crew we will be doing all the fun things that we used to do - The Big Pedal, Dr Bike's bike surgeries, BikeIt Breakfasts (with the re-appearance of the 'blender bike'), Bling-Your-Bike, training days and competitions - as well as adding new and exciting events that will take place in the summer months.


Activ8 is just like BikeIt! - it's all about trying to get the children to come to and from school either by scooter, bike or by walking, in fact, any way that will increase their fitness, health and exercise.


So, if you walk, scoot or ride to school, the Activ8 Crew are there to help you and answer any questions you may have.


We are one of the first schools in Wales to receive the Silver Sustrans Award for Bike It!
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