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We are a mixed Year 3 & 4 class made up of 24 children altogether.

Our teacher is Mrs Sandford and we are also helped by Miss Carolyn.

During the week we move around classrooms and have lessons with

Mrs Dawe, Mrs Wall and Mr Allinson. 


Reading books and homework will be sent home on a Friday and are expected to be returned to school the following Thursday at the latest! Please try to listen to us read and sign our reading books.

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You can also read from the Bug Club selection online as your child will be allocated a suitable book for you all to enjoy!

Fun and Fitness week 2017 written by Dosbarth Cerien

This week we've been doing some fun activities and we haven't worn our school uniform! We've raised money for the British Heart Foundation through our sponsored skip, we've done the daily mile we don't usually do it , it was really challenging to run 10 laps of the playground every day. We've done things we've never done before like Rikashake, walking the Taff Trail and circuits. We've tried our best and we feel exhausted but super fit.

" We've tried our best all week " Amira

"I've really enjoyed it because it was lots of fun." Amie

"We never thought we'd do it, but it was really fun." Fahima

"We've used our energy to get fit." Azraq

"We all feel amazing!" Izzy


This term we will be researching and talking about

To Infinity and Beyond!

We've all had a say on what we want to find out about, the science we want to do and the literacy skills we want to develop through this topic. We've already started our research about our home - planet Earth and we're busy creating information posters.

Come to our class assembly on Friday 9th June at 9.00 and find out what we've been up to!


The research has started!!

If you are not buying snack from school at £1.50 a week and are bringing your own, please remember that we are a healthy school and your snack should be fruit! Image result for fruit animations

PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday most weeks but please bring your PE kit in on a Monday and leave it in school all week if not all half term to make sure you always have it!

Also please bring a water bottle as its important to keep hydrated!


Jewellery - You are only allowed to wear stud earrings and a watch to school but please try not to wear these on a PE day as it can be dangerous.