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Back to School - September 2020

Health and Safety



 We will continue to ensure that all staff and learners regularly wash their hands. Hands should be washed with

 soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Staff will also ensure that children are reminded of effective   hand washing techniques. 


 Regular hand washing will be undertaken including:

  • on arrival and when leaving the school 
  • before and after handling food
  • before and after handling objects and equipment that may have been used by others
  • where there has been any physical contact
  • after people blow their nose, sneeze or cough. Boxes of tissues will be widely available and secure disposal of contaminated tissues will be facilitated.


Infection Control and Premises Cleaning

 Children and staff should not attend school if they: 

  • Feel unwell or have any of the three identified COVID-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or loss of taste / smell)
  • Or they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Or who live in a household with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive in the past 14 days.


 The School premises will continue to be cleaned by our usual team. In addition, there will be extra cleaning of

 high touch surfaces and toilets throughout the day.


 Each classroom will have a spray bottle containing a Milton solution, which will be used at the end of each

 session to wipe down desks and chairs, iPads and any resources which the children have used.

 Hand sanitiser stations have been placed around the school. These will be used in addition to hand washing.


If a pupil becomes ill during the day 

  • The pupil will be isolated in the designated isolation room. All other pupils will be kept away from this area although a member of staff wearing PPE will stay with the pupil.
  • A phone call will be made immediately to parents or family members to arrange collection. Please ensure all contact details are updated if necessary.
  • The area will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned after use.
  • All surfaces that have been touched by the pupil/member of staff during the day will be cleaned straight away.
  • Contactless thermometers (or strip thermometers) will be used so that temperatures can be monitored and checked if they show symptoms. This is the case for children and staff.



 As outlined in the Welsh Government guidance, staff will be able to work across different bubbles when 

 necessary but will maintain social distancing. This will enable supervision for break and lunch times. Staff will

 wear masks or visors in corridors and other areas of high traffic if social distancing cannot be maintained.


Social Distancing and Site Management


Please wear a face covering when waiting to enter the site and when on the site.


 Please keep the number of people doing the school run to the minimum and leave the site as quickly as

 possible for the safety of everyone. 


 Thank you.





Start and finish times

Class name Year Teacher Start time Finish time
Bedwen (am session) Nursery Miss Smith 08:55 (use front gate) 11:10 (use rear gate)
Bedwen (pm session) Nursery Miss Smith 12:55 (use rear gate) 15:10 (use front gate)
Onnen Reception Miss Sourlis 08:45 15:00
Helyg 1 Mrs Pain/ Miss Wilsher 08:55 15:10
Celyn 2 Miss Jones 09:05 15:20
Cerien 3 Mr Knight 08:45 15:00
Ceirios 4 Mrs Dawe 08:55 15:10
Llwyfen 4/5 Mrs Sandford 09:05 15:20
Collen 5 Miss Harding 08:45 15:00
Castanwydden 6 Mrs Prescott 09:05 15:20


One way system


Nursery parents only:


Morning session - use front gate when dropping off and rear gate when picking up


Afternoon session - use rear gate when dropping off and front gate when picking up



All other classes use front gate to arrive and rear gate to leave the site



Thank you for your support.

September 2020 - Back to School details - from Mrs Jenkins 25/08/2020

September arrangements - Letter from Mrs Jenkins 14/07/2020