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Castanwydden (Chestnut)

Welcome to Castanwydden 2020 - 21


We have settled well into Year six.

Remember that PE day is Friday.

Learning to use iMovie to present our work.

Still image for this video

Symmetry in art

Making the most of our tech!

Victorian Geometric Tiling

Lets learn probabiity

Learn about the basics of probability in a Minecraft world.

Lets learn fractions

An quick recap of what fractions are set in a Minecraft world.

Let's learn transformation

Learn about translation, reflection and rotation in the 1, 2 and 4 quadrants all within a Minecraft world.

Minecraft Maths... print out this booklet to help you with basic (and not so basic) algebra!

PE-staying healthy and active

Access Activelearn here:

Learn Its test for you to practice

CLIC test practice sheets with QR Codes