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Welcome from our Headteacher


We are a  very busy and very friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing up to date information for parents, pupils and the wider community.  You may wish to check term dates, read our latest newsletter or browse our many photos.


We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find the information you are looking for. We hope this website reflects our philosophy and commitment to providing 'only the best' education for our pupils. 


Hard copies of information displayed on this website are available upon request, as an eco-school we would prefer to email documents where an email address is provided.


With kind regards,


Mrs Carrie Jenkins


Our Vision, Aims and Objectives


Our vision:


Gabalfa Primary School works in partnership with the local and wider community to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where pupils develop the necessary skills to enable them to succeed and contribute responsibly and effectively to their community and the world around them.


Our aims:


We aim to build a school where achievement is high, and every child is able to thrive and develop within a supportive environment, where learning is engaging, and individuals are valued.


We seek to develop and maintain a self-evaluating, forward thinking, positive, friendly and mutually supportive learning environment in which all members feel valued and are an integral part of the decision-making process.


We want to establish our school at the heart of the Gabalfa community, to develop and maintain strong links with our families by providing many and varied opportunities to be involved in their child’s learning and success.


We strive to promote the four core purposes at the heart of the new Curriculum for Wales.



Our objectives:


In order to achieve our aims, we will:


  • offer a broad, balanced curriculum to develop each learner’s intellectual, social, moral, spiritual and physical growth, with families, staff and pupils working together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect;
  • provide stimulating, challenging and meaningful activities, which motivate children to want to learn;
  • set children high but realistic targets, praising them when they achieve and encouraging them to identify the next steps for improvement;
  • create an atmosphere where every child can experience success and be proud of their achievements, whilst feeling secure to take risks;
  • promote equal opportunities for all irrespective of race, gender, physical or mental capability, developing personal and moral values which respect the beliefs and customs of others;
  • develop a whole school commitment to provide a safe, secure, well-maintained and engaging learning environment making the most of our resources and developing an awareness and understanding of the global community;
  • recognise and value the aspirations of all staff members and to provide and support meaningful and relevant opportunities for CPD as they progress on their individual learning journeys;
  • work in partnership with other schools both locally and nationally to share good practice.