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Cynllun Datblygu Ysgol 2021-22/ School Development 2021-22

Leadership and Governance

  • All school leaders display collective responsibility and ambitious vision for delivering school priorities
  • Self-evaluation processes are robust and provide a realistic view of the school’s strengths and priorities for improvement.
  • All leaders demonstrate relentless focus on improvement and increased confidence in leading their areas of responsibility
  • Ensure school website meets all statutory requirements
  • All data protection duties are followed
  • The Governing Body ensures that all statutory duties are met for the year

Teaching and Learning

  • Improve teaching in Maths across the school.
  • Improve teaching of DCF - Collaboration, Data, intro to Coding, and Communication.
  • The school’s curriculum promotes the new CfW and puts independent learning at the heart of all planning and implementation.
  • An effective Learning Management System is accessed by all learners who demonstrate accelerated progress.
  • Achieve Bronze Cymraeg Campus Award.

Standards in Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competency

  • Undertake baseline assessments upon return to school in Autumn term – EY Baseline, Reading, Spelling, Maths, PASS
  • Gaps in learning are identified and planning adjusted to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Ensure progress is accelerated by the end of the academic year
  • Outcomes in all year groups in in line with targets set
  • Moderation of outcomes demonstrates accuracy of assessment
  • Quality of evidence supports reported outcomes

Standards in other areas of learning

  • Short term planning demonstrates consideration of skills gaps in all areas of learning so that these are planned for and implemented to build on prior knowledge
  • Highly effective teaching and learning in all areas of learning

Progress of different groups of learners

  • All groups of learners make expected progress on average in each year group (Gender, EAL, ALN, eFSM)
  • The gap between attainment in Reading and Writing of boys v girls will narrow by at least 5%


  • Continue to provide onsite counselling through Place2Be for pupils, parents and staff
  • PASS survey – target support for pupils who have been identified as at risk
  • Continue to hold half termly reviews of staff wellbeing
  • Introduce Wellbeing Champions – 2 per class
  • Audit provision against WAS evaluation toll
  • Achieve WAS Award


  • Average attendance of all pupils to be 93%
  • Average attendance of eFSM pupils to be at least 90%
  • Zero permanent exclusions.
  • No more than 10 days in total of fixed term exclusions.


  • ASD training
  • LNST training


  • Safeguarding audit identifies that the school meets all statutory duties.

Family Engagement

  • Continue to use SeeSaw, Facebook, Twitter, text service, email service and school website to communicate regularly with parents and carers
  • Gabalfa Parent Voice Group – develop autonomy to become parent/carer led
  • Continue to provide online tutorials and videos for parents on how to support children
  • Resume Community Café as soon as we are able - provide opportunities for parents and carers to meet, share ideas and learn new skills

Professional Development of staff

  • All staff to undertake annual Safeguarding training.
  • All staff to receive regular updates on ALNET.
  • All staff to attend digital training and follow up workshops to develop use of manipulatives when teaching number.
  • All staff to receive training on the DCF.
  • AoLE leads to attend update meetings from CSC and one day events from Collective learning, and to disseminate headlines to all staff.
  • Support staff to receive update training on EELs and PEELs. (Observational Assessment)
New Curriculum for Wales
  • Review Cwricwlwm Maestro to ensure planned curriculum meets the needs of our pupils.
  • Prepare for implementation of the new Curriculum for Wales in September 2022.
  • Supporting Learner Progression – cluster work to share ideas about assessment in nCfW.