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Dreigiau Hud (Magic Dragons)

Welcome to Nurture!


This term we have two KS2 groups!



We started off the term by choosing a new name for our group. We are called the Alicorns. We chose this name by taking a vote. We love Alicorns because they are like unicorns but they have wings! We meet on Tuesday and Friday mornings!


We have been talking about ourselves and giving and receiving compliments. We love saying nice things about each other and we love hearing the things that our friends appreciate about us!


This term we will be playing lots of games to boost our confidence and working on friendship skills!


Keep an eye on twitter for updates of our activities!








We are the Black Panthers. We chose this name together after a vote. We get together on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and love to share a snack!


We are learning how to recognise and appropriately express our emotions. 


We will be playing lots of games and taking part in lots of activities to help boost our self-esteem and confidence!


We are looking forward to cooking some tasty treats, gardening outside and getting crafty!


Check us out on Twitter!