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Helyg (Willow)

Welcome to Dosbarth Helyg.


We are a mixed age class of Reception and Year 1 pupils. Miss Harding is the class teacher. Mr Soden and Miss Emilia are the teaching assistants. Your child will also meet Mrs Wall, Mrs Faulkner and Mrs Khan. 


We have P.E. on a Tuesday and Friday. Please can children bring in labelled kit for the week.





Th-th-that's all folks!


So it's almost the end of the year, and we can't believe that it's come around again so fast!


We've had a fantastic time with Dosbarth Helyg and we feel privileged to have watched the children grow and mature in so many ways. We will miss you all as you go on further through the school and meet your new teachers and class mates - to be honest, a few of you might see us again next year as teachers and TAs are swapped around :)


Have a fantastic holiday and we'll see you again in September.


Diolch pawb! Thank you all!

It isn't over yet...


We have 3 more days left of this term and they are 3 very special days.

On Monday is our School Fair and Fun Day where we will have lots of stalls and entertainments with things to buy and play on.

On Tuesday is our Sports Day where we will be showing off our athletic prowess with fun games and competitions.

And on Wednesday, our last day, there is the Year Six Leaver's Assembly where the Year Six pupils will be saying goodbye to Gabalfa Primary before they move on to their secondary schools.

Barrybados here we come!


Dosbarth Helyg and Dosbarth Onnen had a great trip to Barrybados yesterday. Even though it was a bit blowy and the sun didn't shine all the time, we had a fun day of playing games, digging for treasure, making sandcastles, mountains and volcanos, we also buried children and staff in the sand as well as having a paddle in the sea.

Everyone was fantastic and very well behaved even when the naughty seagulls decided that they wanted to have a picnic with us as we were eating our sandwiches.

And as a final treat, we all had an ice cream each before getting on the coach to come back to school.

Star Pupils and Achievement of the Week Awards - 24/6


As it was Science Week, this week's Star Pupil winner is Evie who created some fantastic 'thinking maps'. Judy was our Achievement of the week winner and she brought some excellent independent thinking to the Science Week tasks and activities.

Science Week


This year's Science Week has now finished and we've been working very hard to learn lots of facts and information about Science.


On Friday afternoon we teamed up with Dosbarth Castanwydden to talk about what we had learnt and to see what we had done. Dosbarth Castanwydden had been growing bean seeds and had decided to find out what the seeds needed to grow big and strong, and what they didn't need to help them grow. They discovered that they needed water, sunshine and soil for the seeds to grow to be strong plants.

Dosbarth Castanwydden also used 'multi meters' to measure how much light their plants received, the temperature of their plant's soil and how loud their classroom was throughout the day.


Dosbarth Helyg had been building Lighthouses out of Lego and we had learnt how to make a simple circuit so that we could have a light glowing at the top of our lighthouse. We had also been learning about the life cycle of our chicks - how they start life as eggs, then hatch to become chicks and finally grow up into adult chickens. We also learnt the very odd names of some of a chicken's body parts... Where is the wattle? What is the comb?

A real handful...


Just before the chicks had to go back to the farm, we took photos of everyone holding the chicks. They had grown really quickly in only one week and were much bigger than they used to be - some of our mums and dads already have photos of us with the day old chicks so we can see the difference as they grew up.

Bye bye babies...


It's our last day with the chicks as they are off to pastures new - free range egg farms - so we wanted to put up a few more photos showing how much they have grown in 10 days. Their Wing feathers and tail feathers are coming through and they are much more 'chatty' than they used to be.

Star Pupils and Achievement of the Week Awards - 17/6


This week's Star Pupil winner is Parmida who has made great progress in sounding out difficult words, especially when designing her 'disgusting sandwich'. Achievement of the week was won by Enoch, who, even with a broken arm has made progress in pencil control and letter formation! Da iawn ti!

We are happy to announce that we have 10 new fluffy friends in Dosbarth Helyg.

We have chicks!


We have been able to watch 10 fluffy chicks break out of their eggs and fluff themselves up into cute, yellow chicks - if you would like to see one of the chicks breaking out of its egg we have a video below. We also have lots of photos to show you.

One of our fluffy friends making its entrance...

Still image for this video
You can see how much effort it takes for the chick to break out of its shell and how tightly packed the chicks are inside the eggs...

Star Pupil and Achievement of the Week Awards - 10/6


Star Pupil winner this week is Angel who has worked really hard throughout the week whilst ignoring other distractions. Achievement of the Week winner is Sam for some brilliant counting in 2's. Bendigedig guys!

We Are Going To The Beach - Summer Term 2016


Our theme this term is everything to do with the beach and how we can get there. We will be learning about the beach, rock pools, waves and the tide as well as trains and buses, planes and cars.


What lives on the beach? Where do they live?


If you go down to the school today...


On Tuesday afternoon, the whole school came together to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic fundraiser for the Noah's Ark Charity. The children were asked to bring in their favourite teddy bear and to make a £1 donation for wearing their own clothes as well as a small donation of loose change. The loose change was used to fill in a teddy bear outline and will all be added into the total amount that we will give to the charity.


With the sun shining all day we and Dosbarth Onnen were able to have our picnic outside and we had a chance to mingle with the other classes. We also made our own teddy bear hats and paper bunting that decorated the outside picnic areas.

We would like to send out a big thanks to all the parents (and staff) who donated money and picnic food - without your help, the afternoon's fun wouldn't have been possible.

Noah's Ark Charity works closely with the local NHS to bring care and support to Welsh children with longterm health issues -

Star Pupils and Achievement of the Week Awards - 20/5


This week's Star Pupil winner is Rio who has been working very hard at sounding out and blending his sounds which are helping him to read - well done Rio! The Achievement of the week went to Mason.

The Bold and the Brave-ish!


On Thursday 12th May we had a visit from some very exotic animals.


We welcomed lizards, chameleons, tarantulas, geckos, tree frogs, snakes, meerkats and even a skunk - though he was very well behaved and didn't make a smell!


Those of us who were feeling very brave were able to handle most of the exotics and get up close and personal with them so we could see their vibrant colours and the patterns on their skins. We had a fantastic time learning all about the exotic animals - about their homes all around the world, their favourite foods and their lifestyles when in the wild.


We would like to extend a massive thanks to JFM Exotics for bringing in their collection and for telling us all about them. Thank you!

Bye bye butterflies...


After 2 weeks of changing in their cocoons, our 'fat'erpillars finally emerged into the big wide world as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

We fed them on fresh fruit (they seemed to love oranges) and sugar syrup. We were able to watch as they unfurled and 'pumped up' their wings and began to flutter around the mesh case. They were so bright and colourful.

After a few days we decided that it was probably time that our butterflies should be allowed out and given their freedom, so we waited until the weather was nice and sunny and watched as they fluttered off and over the school.

Star Pupils and Achievement of the Week Awards - 6/5


This week's Star Pupil winner is Jaiden who has focused really well in class this week and he has had a permanent smile on his face as well! Armita won the Achievement of the Week for coming in to class every day with a happy smile and no tears, which made Dad's life a lot easier.


Da Iawn to you both.

And then there were 5 little cocoons...

Our 'fat'erpillars have finally made cocoons for themselves and begun the transformation into adult butterflies. They've eaten enough to allow them to spin a protective cocoon of silk and too hang themselves from the lid of their container. We've moved the lid into the large 'flight' bag where, when they emerge in about a weeks time, they will be able to unfurl their wings and have a flap about.

We will be feeding them on fresh fruit and sugar-water, and as soon as they seem ready to make a move into the big wide world, we will let them go and give them a big send off.

Star Pupils and Achievement of the Week Awards - 29/4


This weeks Star Pupils were the whole of Dosbarth Helyg, who gave a fantastic Class Assembly all about Handa's Suprise, despite Miss Emilia's flying tangerines and Mr Soden's bad singing - you all did a great job!

Achievement of the week went to Megan for her amazing book week costume and for becoming more and more independent when working in school. Well done to you!

Happy 50th Birthday Emmanuel Baptist Church


Dosbarth Helyg and Dosbarth Onnen paid a visit to the Emmanuel Baptist Church last week to help them celebrate their 50th year in the local community.

We heard how the church was founded and met one or two of the 'old timers' who were there when the building originally started. We had a game of hide and seek and then we had an extra treat when we had a glass of squash and a biscuit each.


We also took a look at the baptismal pool, but it was too cold to take a dip, and we had a taste of the communion wine - or in our case blackcurrant squash!



'Fat'erpillars Update


Our caterpillars are even bigger now! 2 weeks of constant eating and they have grown from being less that a centimeter in length to being 4 centimeters in length and about 100 times heavier!


Below are a few more photo's showing the caterpillars when we first got them and how they are now!

We are hoping that they start to spin their cocoons this weekend so we can see them emerge as true butterflies before we get to half-term!

'Fat'erpillars have come to stay...


Dosbarth Helyg have new visitors to the classroom in the form of some wriggling and jiggling caterpillars. Over the coming weeks, our new friends will hopefully change from their caterpillar state into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies - and we will be looking at the whole journey and learning all about when and how they change.


From tiny eggs to spiky caterpillars, then to shiny cocoons and finally into bright, beautiful butterflies, we will be showing you all about it.


At the moment, the caterpillars are eating their special food and growing daily - we think that we will have to begin calling them 'fat'erpillars they have been eating so much! Then, they will begin to spin their cocoons and prepare to change into butterfiles - we can't wait.

Star Pupil and Achievement of the Week Awards - 15/4


This weeks Star Pupil was Judi and Sam was awarded the Achievement of the Week for his great use of phonics when creating sentences. Congratulations to both.

It's a new term...


It's a new term and our theme for the Summer is Wriggle and Crawl, where we will be finding out about 'mini beasts' that live all around us. Spiders, flies, wasps, worms and ladybirds are just some of the 'mini beasts' that we come wriggling and crawling into our books.

Easter Bonnets


Wow - we would like to thank all the mums and dads for helping Dosbarth Helyg to make some of the best Easter Bonnets we've ever seen. We can tell that a lot of time and effort went into designing and decorating the bonnets.


Whilst everyone was a winner, Mrs Jenkins chose three bonnets that she especially liked to be the class winner and two runners up.


Our winners:

1st - Aliyah

2nd - Charlie

3rd - Jaydn

Star Pupil and Achievement of the Week Awards - 11/3


This week Jade was awarded Star Pupil of the Week - she has recently started to take a real pride in the neatness of her writing and the tidyness of her work. Jotyar (Judi) was awarded Achievement of the Week for his improved attitude whilst his family celebrate a new arrival.

Star Pupil and Achievement of the Week Awards - 4/3


Lacey and Mason are this week's certificate winners.


Our Spring context is 'Scrumptious'.

Happy St. David's Day - Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus


Everyone in Dosbarth Helyg has had a great day celebrating St David's Day. The boys and girls looked spectacular in their Welsh costumes and red tops.


We also chose winners for the School's Eisteddfod. Dosbarth Helyg were asked to paint a yellow daffodil and we had lots of fantastic entries. We sang traditional Welsh songs and listened to poetry readings by the older children.


The winners were:

3rd - Jade

2nd - Morgan

1st - Ilyes

Congratulations to you all!

A Truly Scrumptious Treat


Thanks to our friends at the Fork & Spoon Cafe, we had a scrumptious afternoon treat after taking an afternoon walk. Everyone had golden brown toast and a fruit drink, as well as a couple of biscuits for good measure. Yum!

Dosbarth Helyg were fantastic, and chatted as they sat patiently for their food. Everyone said 'Please' and 'Thank you!' and as we've made such a good impression we've been invited back any time we like!


Our first context for learning is Pitter, Patter, Puddle Play.