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Changes to Welsh Government National Testing



Information for Parents about Personalised Assessments


The way children in Wales are completing the National Tests is changing.


There are currently three National Tests: Procedural Maths, Reasoning Maths and Reading, from Years 2 upwards. The tests have always been administered in schools within the same test week window which is set for early to the middle of May. The completed tests are marked internally, moderated, standardised externally and the results shared when we report to parents at the end of the academic year.


This academic year the Welsh Assembly Government will begin to phase out paper tests and move to an online testing system called Personalised Assessments. This phased change will begin with the Procedural Maths whilst maintaining a set test week for the Reasoning Maths and Reading papers which is set for this year between the 7th and the 14th of May. The Procedural Maths paper will no longer be a paper version but will be completed by all eligible children online.


The timetable for change will be as follows:


Academic year

Numeracy Procedural


Numeracy Reasoning














The Personalised Assessment Numeracy Procedural maths paper will be completed through the Hwb Digital Learning for Wales Welsh Government website for which all children in Wales have their own user name and password. (


The children will be taught how to log in and will be shown how to access and complete the tests on a day decided by the class teacher. The children will not need to complete the test during the set test period but will have the opportunity t complete the test twice, as chosen by the school, details as follows:


We plan to complete the first series of online tests during the period February 4th to 15th 2019. The second period is yet to be decided, but will most probably be in early June. We will inform you nearer the time.


Following each test the Learner Feedback or results will be available to be viewed by class teachers the day after the test and we plan on sharing this information with our parents or carers no later than two weeks after the test has been taken. Should a child be on holiday or ill whilst their peers are completing the test, the test will be completed as soon as possible once they have returned school. This feedback will be used to:

  • provide detailed information about the progress made by the child
  • inform teacher planning
  • support the next steps in the child’s learning journey.


The tests are designed to react to the ability of the child; if they are unable to answer a question or answer incorrectly the computer will adjust the next question accordingly. Unlike the paper versions we plan on administering the test in smaller groups, rather than as a whole class and there is no time limit given.


Completion of the tests of a statutory requirement but we will endeavour to make the changes to the test system as stress free and natural for all children within the school and we will use Familiarisation tests to show every child how the new test will be completed.


At this moment in time, we are unsure whether the format of the comparative data reported to parents at the end of the school year, showing the standardised scores over time, will remain the same.


More information about the new online Personalised Assessments can be found on: