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Latest arrangements for new building

Hello all. Hope you have had a great summer. This week has been incredibly challenging for all staff but things are looking very exciting for your children!
School is open on Monday to all pupils. The left side gate will open to pupils only at 8.45am and close at 8.55am. Parents won't be allowed to come through the gate in the morning due to safeguarding reasons, thank you for your support in this. There will be people on the gate to take down any concerns. At the end of the day the gate will be opened at 3.05pm and parents can come onto the yard to wait for their children to be released from the classrooms.
Reception children will come in at 10am through the side gate. Fear not! They will be fine! They will finish at 2pm and be released from the side gate. Then, on Tuesday, they will join the rest of the school at normal times.
Nursery pupils will, at usual Nursery times, be collected and delivered to the left front door, not gate, while the landscaping of the site is being completed.
I beg you to be patient while we iron out arrangements to make them the safest and easiest for pupils. If you are unclear, please ask, we are honestly always trying to please everyone!