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SEAL at Gabalfa Primary School enables staff to promote the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.It is a structured curriculum framework for the whole school community to use.Each half-term a new theme is introduced at an assembly. This is reinforced in class with weekly SEAL lessons and also through displays around the school.

The themes are:

New Beginnings, Getting on-Falling out, Going for Goals, Good to Be Me, Relationships, Changes. We also use an additional theme  called Say No to Bullying during anti-bullying week in November.These fit well into our school year. There are underlying aspects in each theme such as self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy, social skills.

It is an essential tool for us to promote emotional health and well-being at Gabalfa Primary School. For those pupils who need additional support we offer nurture-style provision and Place to Be.


new beginnings