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Trefniadau ar Gyfer mis Medi 2021/ Arrangements for September 2021


Classes 2021/22


Class details


Class name





Miss Smith



Miss Sourlis


Year 1

Mrs Pain/ Mrs Wynne-Williams


Year 2

Miss Jones


Year 3

Mr. Knight


Year 4

Mrs Dawe


Year 5

Miss Harding


Year 5 and 6

Mrs Sandford


Year 6

Mrs Prescott



School times


Nursery children

Morning Session: 8.55am to 11.25am                         Afternoon Session: 12.45pm to 3.15pm


All other children

Start of day: 8.55am                                                  End of day: 3.15pm


Classroom doors will open from 8:45am each morning for a ‘soft start’; this enables children to settle before the start to the school day.  We expect the one-way system to still be in place to allow parents and carers to socially distance. 


Parents and carers are asked to encourage all children to be independent and walk from the barrier or class gate to their classroom without an adult.  Parents and carers are not permitted past the barrier or onto Foundation Phase learning zones.  Staff in years 1 to 6 will not be available on the playground before school to speak to.  All messages must be relayed via the school office.


Once you have dropped off or collected your child/ren you must leave the site promptly.  Please do not chat with others on the school site or outside the school gates.



Face masks and Social distancing

There is no change to the requirement for adults to wear face masks and observe social distancing when on the site.  Unless exempt - please call the office as we are obliged to keep a list – all parents and carers must wear a face mask and keep to a 2m social distance from other adults when on the school site.  Staff are allowed to remove face masks when teaching in classrooms.



Breaks and lunchtimes

Morning breaks and lunchtimes will continue to be staggered.  Foundation Phase children will eat lunches together in the hall.  Key Stage 2 children will eat in their classroom.  Please ensure that our child is able to open any food items you provide.  We ask that you label all drink bottles clearly with your child’s name.


We are talking to Cardiff Catering regarding when we can offer hot food.  Please keep an eye for updates on our school website and Facebook page.



Breakfast provision

Please see tab 'Catering - Breakfast and Lunch'. 



Update on uniform

From September 6th, 2021, all pupils will be required to wear our uniform of pale blue polo shirt, navy blue jumper, cardigan or hoodie, navy blue or black skirt, pinafore or trousers, and black shoes.  Please make sure all clothing is clearly labelled as children often misplace their jumpers or cardigans/hoodies and it can be very difficult to identify them without a label.


As all doors and windows need to be opened, should the weather become colder, please make sure your child wears layers of clothing to keep them warm when working in their classroom.  Vests are great as they can be worn under school uniform and keep the body warm and cosy.




We ask that you register with ParentPay even if you do not wish for your child to have a school lunch.  We will use ParentPay from September for all trips, events and fund-raising activities.  We want to become a cashless school as soon as possible.




Children are asked not to bring personal belongings such as toys, electronic devices and mobile phones to school.  These items are not covered by the school’s insurance and should something happen to them, we are not liable to replace them. 


Children can bring a small to medium sized lunch bag to school – no large bags please as we do not have the space to store them.  A small, pencil case of equipment clearly labelled with your child’s name is allowed but please continue to clean all items regularly. 



Hand sanitiser

Good hygiene will continue to be a regular part of our school routine.  If your child is allergic to the sanitiser provided by school, please provide them with a suitable alternative, clearly labelled with their name.