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Bedwen (Birch)

Hello and welcome to Bedwen's webpage.

There are 35 children in nursery 5 members of staff.

Nursery has 2 teachers:

Mrs R Royal (Monday - Thursday)

Mrs A Bibi (Thursday afternoon and Friday)

and 3 teaching assistants

Miss Shaz, Mrs Broad and Mrs Atkins.

We have had great fun learning about wet weather, rainbows and puddles by exploring the context

 Pitter, Patter, Puddle Play


Curriculum News Autumn 2017

We had a really good Christmas .

We had a visitor from the North Pole  - A Nisse (a Danish Elf)

He made sure we were being good but, he wasn't, and got into quite a lot of trouble.

The Nursery Nisse

We had a wonderful Christmas party

This term we have new helpers in Nursery

Miss Jones and Mrs Khan


This term we are learning about


We have been learning that the dinosaurs lived a very long time ago.

We made a class dinosaur world

Curriculum News Spring 2018

The Nursery had a visit from Ranger Chris and Ranger Dave and they brought some baby dinosaurs with them we had lots of fun.

Some of us were really brave and saw the big T-Rex.

We had a visit from Jennie and Rhian from Llandaff North Library. They told us a dinosaur story and we sang lots of songs.


We have lots of fun in nursery
We went on an Easter egg hunt

This term we welcome 6 new pupils to Nursery

Our Nursery now has 49 pupils in total


The context for the Summer term is

Teeny Tiny Things

We will be learning about different kinds of mini beasts, what they eat and where they live.

All this will happening in our 

Bug Investigation Station


Summer Curriculum News