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Cerien (Rowan)

Why was it so easy for Amie to move the jelly using the chopsticks and harder for Ryan to move the jelly using the chopsticks when it was covered in oil?

What is the FORCE we have been talking about? (CLUE: It is caused when 2 surfaces rub together)

Think of the snowy weather. Why has this force been useful ... and not so useful?



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Travel Agent.

Yesterday we went to our local branch of Tui to find out about tourism . We had a lovely time looking at the brochures and finding out how holidays are booked. We were amazed to find out how much a holiday to Florida costs! Thank you very much to Sienna's mum for giving us this opportunity.

Dosbarth Cerien says..

Creoso / Welcome!smiley


We are a mixed Year 3 & 4 class made up of 28 children altogether. Our teacher is Mrs Sandford and we are also helped by Mr. Soden. During the week we move around classrooms and have lessons with Mrs Dawe and Mrs Wall . 

Catch us reading!

Reading books and homework will be sent home on a Friday and are expected to be returned to school the following Thursday at the latest! Please try to listen to us read and sign our reading books.


You can also read from the Bug Club selection online as your child will be allocated a suitable book for you all to enjoy!

Black Dog

Where is this house? Who, or what has made the enormous footprint in the snow?

We are using this book to create descriptions, both of the setting and the characters.

Please come and read our fantastic work.

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Marvellous magnets

We have started our science by investigating the properties of magnets. We knew they were attracted to metal, but are they attracted to ALL metals? 

Do magnets still work through water? Can a magnet still attract a paper clip through different materials? 

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Spring term...

This term we are thinking of travel. We will be looking at tourism at home and abroad and how we persuade people to visit different destinations.

If you would like to see what we've been doing, or speak to Mrs. Sandford, please arrange an appointment at the office.

If you are not buying snack from school at £1.50 a week and are bringing your own, please remember that we are a healthy school and your snack should be fruit! 

Pwill be on a Wednesday and Friday most weeks but please bring your PE kit in on a Monday and leave it in school all week if not all half term to make sure you always have it!

Also please bring a water bottle as its important to keep hydrated!


Jewellery - You are only allowed to wear stud earrings and a watch to school but please try not to wear these on a PE day as it can be dangerous.