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Cerien (Rowan)

Today we mummified David because we pretended he was a dead Pharaoh.

First we cleaned his face and his hands.

Next we took out his stomach, liver,intestines and his lungs and we put them in canopic jars.We didn't take out his heart because it was important for the afterlife. Then we took out his brain.( not really!!!) We took out his brain with a hook that went up his nose and grabbed his brain and it came out through his nose ( not really!!!)

Then we put amulets ( good luck charms) on his neck , heart , chest and belly to protect him in the afterlife.

After that  we wrapped toilet paper round him so his body would not go rotten.The ancient Egyptians would have used bandages. We should have put David in a sarcophagus because he was a pharaoh, but we didn't have one  in class!

Finally we gave him some food and drink so he didn't go hungry in the afterlife.

Quotes from the Egyptian priests in dosbarth Cerien.

"It was fun, I wish I could be a mummy!"

 "It was fun for me"

"It was fun to do "

" We didn't really take his body parts out - we were just pretending !!"

" I wish we could do it again!"


The mummification of Pharaoh David.

Our curriculum news for this term

Ancient Egypt.

WhenDosbarth Cerien were given the choice about our learning we didn't take long to decide to do a mini context nabout Egypt so for the next 2 weeks, we are travelling back in time  to find out about life in Ancient Egypt. We have lots of questions we want to answer such as " What was in a pyramid?" " Who was King Tut?" "Why did they make mummies?" " Why are all the cities built by the River NIle?"

We are using non fiction books and the internet to answer our questions. 

We've started our missions!

We are in groups based on the names of Egyptian Pharaohs . We have to complete as many independent learning activities as we can. Lujca was so inspired by the Egyptian pyramids that she has made her own Lego Egyptian pyramid scene at home complete with a Lego sphinx! Well Done Lujca!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations.

We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations. 1
We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations. 2
We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations. 3
We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations. 4
We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations. 5
We've been using Egyptian pyramids as part of our maths investigations. 6

Our Castle Boards.

All this term we have been finding out about castles. We all wanted to find out about different things, so we all got into groups and did our own research using the internet and non fiction books.Today we worked collaboratively to present our research on a board. We had great fun, working with  different people in the class and presenting our information in different ways. We tried to make our boards as eye catching as possible so that people would want to come and find out things. We hope you like the boards.we created.

DOSBARTH CERIEN went to Caerphilly Castle.

On Tuesday we went to Caerphilly Castle on a bus. We collected information about castles because our topic is castles. First we went to see the siege machines they were used to attack the castles.We heard an interesting  story about the dragons when they blew smoke out of their nostrils. Then we went to push the leaning tower with the statue but it didn't budge! Next we went in a room with a small tv in it and we watched how they made Caerphilly Castle. We found out that Gilbert de Clare built the castle in 3 years. It is the largest castle in Wales. The castle has narrow arrow slits and the castle has 3 moats. We went up a spiral staircase but Harley was terrified because he thought he was about to fall down! Parmida was in the stocks and we pretended to throw rotten fruit at her. After that we went to the Great Hall  where there were symmetrical shields on the thick  stone walls. There was also a spectacular, cosy fireplace and we saw a stage for the minstrels to play music. We went to Gilbert's room with a big window that was supposed to have glass in it otherwise the fire would blow out. He had glass in his windows because he was a very rich man because the glass window was expensive.

Finally we went on the bus and we went back to school. This was the best trip we've ever had!Thank you for reading this.

Written by Dosbarth Cerien.

Meet Dosbarth Cerien !

Meet Dosbarth Cerien ! 1

Dosbarth Cerien says..

Croeso / Welcome!smiley


HELLO !  We are a mixed Year 2 & 3 class made up of 25 children altogether. Our teacher is Mrs. Sandford and we are also helped by Mr. Soden. During the week we move around classrooms and have lessons with Miss. Wilsher, Miss. Griffiths. Miss. Faulkener and Mrs. Wall . 



House building for the 3 Little Pigs

This afternoon we had great fun following instructions on how to build a house for the 3 Little Pigs. We now know how important it is to write clear instructions because we had to follow the instructions written by another team!

Congratulations to  the team who collaborated well to write such clear instructions, and well done to Zak, Armita,Nuha,Harley and Jayden who followed them so closely and built a house that didn't get blown down ! We even managed to apply our measuring skills to record how far each house had been blown by the big bad wolf.

Meet SEF

SEF is a super learner designed by Dosbarth Cerien. He can punch through tricky work and has the power to persevere - to keep going when the work is tough. We hope he is going to give his super learner powers to us as we begin to climb Challenge Mountain.

Picture 1

Curriculum News Spring 2019



 This term our context for learning is Castles and Dragons.We are already very excited and busy finding out WHAT we already know, what we WANT to know  what we want to learn about  and HOW we are going to do it.

The board is ready to be covered in our our fabulous work....

Picture 1

Catch us reading!

Reading books and homework will be sent home on a Friday . Please try to listen to us read and sign our reading books.


You can also read from the Bug Club selection online as your child will be allocated a suitable book for you all to enjoy!

If you are not buying snack from school at £1.50 a week and are bringing your own, please remember that we are a healthy school and your snack should be fruit! 

Pwill be on a Wednesday and Thursday  but please bring your PE kit in on a Monday and leave it in school all week if not all half term to make sure you always have it!

Also please bring a water bottle as its important to keep hydrated!


Jewellery - You are only allowed to wear stud earrings and a watch to school but please try not to wear these on a PE day as it can be dangerous.