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Llwyfen (Elm)

Croeso i Ddosbarth Llwyfen!


Hello from Dosbarth Llwyfen.  We are a lovely class of Y4/5 pupils.  Our teacher is Mrs Sandford.

This term we are learning about the Celts.

Don't forget to bring Snack and dinner money in on a Monday.


We have been making Celtic houses  with wood, hot glue and saws that aren't dangerous.We worked in teams and had lots of fun making them. A teacher helped us with the hot glue gun and saws so that we can not hurt ourselves.We used sanding paper for the wooden sticks.We used our planning sheets to help us to make the Celtic houses.We used hay to make the thatched roof and we used clay and paper for the wattle and daub walls.We used our maths to measure the wooden sticks so that they could be the right length.

Written By Amina and Parmida.

Our class assembly

Thank you for joining us for our class assembly today. We hope you enjoyed our performance, especially our Boudicca song. We are so proud of what we've achieved this term and we loved sharing our learning with you back in class .


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We love Maths!