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Lunch in the sunshine!


Our PE day is Tuesday. Please wear your PE kit to school as we cannot change  in school. We hope to go outside as much as possible for PE so please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear. Thank you.

Welcome ! Croeso!

It’s so lovely to be back!

Welcome to Dosbarth Llwyfen. 
We are a class of y4/5 pupils.
Our teacher is Mrs. Sandford and Ms. Ayers supports our learning .

We have had a great 1st week adapting to the new normal and washing our hands. Lots of smiles too! 
If you need to speak with Mrs.Sandford please call the office and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Well here we are the last week of the craziest term ever! In the craziest year ever!  But we have survived and hopefully we will see each other again in September, but sadly not as dosbarth Llwyfen. It has been lovely teaching you all and I am so sad that C19 stopped us continuing our learning journey together. Have a wonderful holiday. Don't forget that handwriting practice, Bug club, Abacus, Purple Mash and Google Classroom still have lots of activities for you to do.Stay safe x



Will those children who borrowed either an iPad or a laptop from school to help them with home learning during the recent lockdown, please return it to the school office by WEDNESDAY 15th July . Thank you!


Bore da! Sut wy ti? It was wonderful to see some of you last week and I'm looking forward to seeing you again this week. To those I didn't see it, was lovely to chat to you on the phone. Don't forget that if you are on Google classroom you can chat to the rest of dosbarth Llwyfen and to me. 

I am so pleased that some of you are still powering through Bug Club and Abacus . Some of you have read over 30 books during lock down which is really impressive ! Don't forget there are still loads of Purple Mash 2dos waiting for you. 

Meanwhile here is the work for this week - enjoy!!

Literacy writing


Bore da everybody! If you are coming back to school this week, I cannot wait to see you all again. I am full expecting you all to have grown! If you are not coming back to school , don't worry, Abacus, Bug Club, Golden 50 , Purple Mash and a Pobble writing task are all waiting for you!!! ENJOY !!



One more week before we meet up again! I bet you will all have grown even taller! One more set of Golden 50 to keep you all going.


Bore da pawn ! Sut wy ti?

Not long until we get to check in . I can't wait to see you. The classroom looks a bit different but don't worry - I look the same - well my hair has grown a bit!!!

I'm so impressed that some of you have kept going with BUG cLub and Abacus work , da lawn i chi!

More Golden 50 and a brand new Pobble for this week. I can't wait to read your responses. 

See you soon.

Cardiff City - Bluebirds From Home 

From Mrs. Dawe on our school FB page .... Cardiff City have given us some activities to complete next week. When you do them, ask your parents to put pictures on Twitter tagging @CCFC_Foundation , #CityAsOne and #BluebirdsFromHome . If your parents fill in the questionnaire on Friday you will have a chance to win a signed football. Good luck!!


Prynhawn da ? Sut wy ti? Dw i'n wedi blino! 

Anyway hopefully I'll get to see some of you soon. Well done for keeping going with the bug club books and the abacus maths games. To keep you going , another week of Golden 50 with lots more division this week . Who is up for the challenge?


HI everybody!!
Hope you are all well and had a good half term. This week - Lots of stuff STILL on Google classroom classwork pages, also new stuff on Abacus and everyone still has Bug Club allocations. New Golden 50 but with a twist some of the questions are now division !!! Remember wizard switchit!!! Remember , you don't need to print these out. Get an adult to read them out and you just write the answers in your red book or get an adult to write them out in your red book or paper and then set the timer!! Good luck!


Hi everyone!!
I hope you are all happy, healthy and safe - I have missed you all SO MUCH!!!! What a weird term it has been to say the least!! This is actually the start of the half term holiday so I am not allocating any Bug club or Abacus or putting up new Golden 50's this week. I've checked your allocations and you all have Bug Club books you can read, Abacus maths you can do, Bitesize lessons to watch and activities on Llwyfen's Google classroom classwork section you can complete if you want to and I know that many of you are doing your own projects as well.
So enjoy this week . Go for a bike ride or scooter run or a walk with your family- socially distanced of course! Play in your garden - you lucky lot that have trampolines, hot tubs and paddling pools ! Do some colouring or baking . Stay safe ! Keep smiling ! xx


Bore da! Sut wy ti??

Hope you are all safe and well.

Well done to those still reading Bug Club and doing Abacus.Some more Golden 50 for you!



Be a cloud watcher! Find out about the different types of clouds and then keep a diary . Every day go outside and look at the sky . Draw the clouds you see. Can you name them?


Hello everyone! It was lovely to talk to you last week. I'm so glad you are all safe and well and busy reading, baking, doing maths and some fantastic projects.!! More Abacus allocated to those who have completed all activities nobody needs new books yet, but I'll allocate if you've finished all your books AND CLOSED THE EYES OF THE BUGS!!
Another Golden 50 set for you this week and some telling the time activities .Keep an eye on the clock what time is it? What time will it be in 1/4 hour? 1/2 hour ago? What WAS the time 1/4 or 1/2 hour ago? How long does it take you to do different activities this week? Time yourselves! Have fun!!

Google Classroom

13 of you are now using this fabulous learning platform .Use your Hwb email address and password to log in. You can see all the activities I have assigned the class and even better than that, you can chat with each other AND ME!!!!

If you have any problems with technology, you can message Mrs Prescott on our Gabalfa School Facebook page and she will help you sort it out. 


Bore da dosbarth Llwyfen ! Another lockdown week !

Abacus/ Bug Club.

I'm still looking at your Abacus, Bug Club  and Purple Mash work- well done if you are closing all the eyes on the bugs. If you have completed your tasks, I've allocated more work for you, if not ...keep going!!

It was LOVELY to talk to some of you today and it was good to know you are are all staying safe.It sounds as if you are doing lovely things with your families and I'm glad you are enjoying BBC Bitesize. If you haven't had a phone call yet, don't worry , I'll be ringing you sometime this week to say hello !

Google classroom:

Use your HWB password and come and join us ! It's a good way to chat to each other (and me!!) and I've put lots of new work up there for you. I look forward to seeing what you are doing. 

If you have any problems with technology you can write a message to Mrs Prescott on our Gabalfa Primary School Facebook page and she will sort it out for you!!

Have a good week ! Stay safe !


Bore da Dosbarth Llwyfen. Wake up! Wake up!  Give yourselves a shake up!!!

Hope you are all ok and staying safe.  

According to the weatherman, the weather isn't going to be so nice this week so how about watching some tv programmes and writing a review? TV reviews are similar to the book reviews that you write in class. Here are some points to include.


Title of the programme:


  • What happens?
  • Are there any twists in the plot /story?
  • Did you find the plot/ storyline interesting?


  • Who are the main characters?
  • Who was your favourite character?
  • Why?

Your opinion:

  • Did you like the TV show?
  • What was your favourite part?
  • Why?


  • Would you recommend this TV show to a friend?
  • Why or why not?

Star rating :

5 starts - best thing I've watched this week

1 star - rubbish !!

This review template will work equally well with a film,  so grab a biscuit or an apple and drink and get watching!!!! If there is nothing on tv you can always read a book and write a review of that!!


Talking of books,  da dawn to those who are powering through Bug club resources. I've allocated new material to those who have read their current allocation AND CLOSED ALL THE EYES!!!!

Lots of lovely Abacus games to play too and lots on Purple mash  - check the 2Dos!!


If you are watching tv don't forget BBC bitesize lots of brilliant programmes available : 


Exciting news about Google classroom!  Ask your parents to complete the questionnaire on our Facebook page and hopefully we'll catch up soon. 

Stay safe ! 




20th April .Good morning dosbarth Llwyfen bore da!!

Hope you are all well and staying safe.Welcome back after the Easter holidays !

I've had a look at Abacus, Big club and Purple Mash. Well done to those who have completed tasks. There are more Abacus games and Bug club books if you have already completed all the previous tasks. Don't forget to make sure you close ALL the eyes of the bugs in the book and you might need to type your own opinion as well remember to use the text to support your opinions. Not many of you have looked at the Purple Mash to dos there are lots there to choose from.


BBC Bitesize

Some lovely activities on here. I especially like What's On Your head game that they played this morning.


Since the sun is shining, here are some new outdoor activities 

1. Make Your Own Minibeast Hotel

You will need:

  • A suitable container or area in your garden wooden if possible
  • Compost
  • Fertile soil
  • Pieces of wood (various sizes)
  • Different sized/shaped stones
  • Bricks
  • Old roof tiles
  • Clay drainage tubes
  • Fir cones
  • Dry leaves
  • Bark
  • Straw, hay
  • Dead wood/sticks
  • Plants that will attract insects


  1. Choose either an area in your outdoor area or a wooden container and place it on the ground.

  2. If the container hasn’t already got holes in, make some holes in the bottom. That will cre- ate drainage and let minibeasts crawl in.

  3. Fill the container with compost and fertile soil.

  4. Use the materials in the you will need section to build various places for minibeasts to live.

  5. Woodlice and beetles will like wood/sticks and if stacked, the minibeasts can crawl through them.

  6. Plants will attract the crawling bugs like caterpillars, snails and spiders.

  7. Butterflies and bees will like nectar-rich flowering plants.

  8. It’s up to you how much you put in your bug hotel.

  9. Observe the hotel over time and see which minibeasts it attracts.

  10. Can you find out which areas each kind of minibeast like best?


2. Go on a mini beast hunt .

What kinds of mini beasts can you spot ? Where did you find them.. on bark? In the sky? On plants? Under rocks? In the earth? Can you make a tally chart or a bar graph to show your findings? 


3. Minibeast information cards:

Use the internet to find out facts about mini beasts. What do they eat? How big do they grow? Can you order the mini beasts in according to their size? 


4. Parts of an insect

Use the internet and make DETAILED careful drawings of insects. Use a ruler or a straight edge to label the different parts of the insects /minibeasts what are the antennae? the abdomen? the thorax? 


Talking and social distancing

What you need

  • 2 paper or plastic party cups
  • At least 2m of string.


      1. Make a small hole in the base of each of the party cups.

      2. Thread the string through the hole and tie a knot inside the cup.

      3. Repeat with the other paper cup.

      4. Stand apart so that the string is tight ( but don't pull it out of the holes!!)

      5. One person speaks into the paper cup and the other person puts the paper cup up to their ear and    

          listens. Can you hear what is being said?

     6. Now let the string go looser - can you still hear what is being said?

     7. Why is this? HINT - think about how sound travels


Lockdown time capsule

Have you ever found something from a long time ago? We often learn about the past by discovering things. Why not make history by choosing to put things in a time capsule and burying them? Just think, in the future, somebody will find them and learn about what it was like at this moment in time.

What you will need:

  • A strong, watertight container (something that will not biodegrade) which is big enough to hold the items you want to bury.

  • Pieces of paper to write on.

  • Objects to bury.


  1. Decide on the items you would like to bury. You may wish to choose things to represent people in your family, your hobbies, holidays, house and more. Think about including a range of things; objects, pictures and written evidence.

  2. On the piece of paper, write a letter to the prospective finder. You may want to tell them about yourself and why you have chosen to bury the items.What is going on in there world right now. Remember you are living through a global pandemic this is HISTORY!!!!

  3. Choose carefully where you are going to bury the time capsule.

  4. Maybe include a diary for the week - what have you watched? What games have you played? what websites have you been on? What funny thing happened this week? What exercise have you done this week? 


Our favourite poem - Chocolate cake. Hope you enjoyed listening to it again... another Eddie poem coming soon. 

Lots to keep you going. I can't wait to see your other home learning projects when we meet again. 

Stay safe, stay indoors.

Mrs S. xxxx


Snapshot mats

These are fun!! They are a bit like our Pobble activities 



Jackanory with Mrs Sandford

 Week 2 30th March 2020

Hello everybody!

 I've been monitoring who has been doing what. I'm glad to see some of you have started reading and quite a few have been on abacus games. Don't forget you have lots of 2dos on Purple Mash as well. Hope your Golden 50 scores are still improving!!! 

Please access online home learning using the links below.

CLIC Practice sheets with QR Codes

World Book day 2020

World Book Day 2020.

In dosbarth Llwyfen, we are all hooked on books. We dressed up as our favourite book character and we ahd a story swap session. We are all going to increase our reading and try to share a million stories. 


Wow where has this half term gone?

We've really enjoyed our Animal Magic topic. We've put Sir David Attenborough out of a job creating our own Planet Earth style documentaries. We've composed and performed our own Animal Magic song with the Songwriting Doctor. We've found out about the habitat of different animals and how they have adapted to their environment. We've created food chains and identified animals that are predators and prey.

Our data handling skills have  developed because we've been creating graphs to show how certain species have been declining over the past 20 years. We've used thinking maps to help us classify animals.

Our Celf Cymraeg week has been gwych! We studied the art of Sir Kyffin Williams and we've created our own Welsh mountain landscapes inspired by his work.

These 6 weeks have flown by! No wonder we need a holiday!!!

Croeso i Ddosbarth Llwyfen!


Hello from Dosbarth Llwyfen.  We are a lovely class of Y4/5 pupils.  Our teacher is Mrs Sandford and Mrs Angove is our teaching assistant.

Our first topic this term is one we've chosen ourselves - Animal Magic.

Don't forget to bring Snack and dinner money in on a Monday.

This term our PE days have  changed to Thursday and Friday. DON'T FORGET YOUR KIT !!!

We still do our spelling test and Golden 50 on a Friday. Who will be the Golden 50 champion this term???


Reptile magic.

This afternoon we launched our Animal Magic topic with a fantastic visit from Barry Reptiles. We were able to ask loads of questions and find out more about various reptiles. We loved letting the 16ft python slide over us. Mrs Sandford .... not so much !!!

Animal Magic SPRING 2020


Dosbarth Llwyfen have decided we want to learn about animals. We've got loads of questions , tons of things we want to find out and we've even identified some skills we will develop along the way!

We've started by collaborating and researching the characteristics of vertebrates. We're using thinking maps to show what we found out. 

We have been making Celtic houses  with wood, hot glue and saws that aren't dangerous.We worked in teams and had lots of fun making them. A teacher helped us with the hot glue gun and saws so that we can not hurt ourselves.We used sanding paper for the wooden sticks.We used our planning sheets to help us to make the Celtic houses.We used hay to make the thatched roof and we used clay and paper for the wattle and daub walls.We used our maths to measure the wooden sticks so that they could be the right length.

Written By Amina and Parmida.

Our class assembly

Thank you for joining us for our class assembly today. We hope you enjoyed our performance, especially our Boudicca song. We are so proud of what we've achieved this term and we loved sharing our learning with you back in class .


We love Maths!