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School Closure Information

At times it might be necessary to undertake a risk assessment of the school site and staffing situation to establish as to whether the school will be open or closed to pupils.


When making a decision to close the school, there are a number of issues that have to be considered:

  • Some of our staff live some way from school. We have to be confident that there will be sufficient staff able to get here in order to teach our pupils and to ensure a safe level of supervision.
  • The condition of the site – is it safe for pupils and staff to move around the school? Clearing paths and gritting in adverse weather conditions takes a long time. It is a difficult decision to make and parents will appreciate the dilemma between giving everyone sufficient notice of closure and trying to guess what road and weather conditions will be between 8.00 and 8.30am


In the event of the school being closed, a text message will be sent via our Teachers2Parents system – it is therefore VITAL that you provide us with your mobile telephone number. If at all possible a decision will be taken by 9.00pm the night before or at the very latest by 7.00am on the day. It is possible that a decision will be taken to open the school but with a delayed starting time. A message will also be put on our school website and on Cardiff Council’s website. The message will be updated regularly.


If no message from us is received, then school is open as usual, and all pupils will be expected to be in school. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing (wellington boots/ hat/scarf/ gloves/waterproof trousers/etc). It is a good idea to provide your child with a change of clothing in case their existing clothing becomes wet.


When the school closes we appreciate how inconvenient and difficult this is for families and how disruptive it is for pupils’ learning. Our primary concern has to be the safety of the students and staff. Please be assured this decision is not taken lightly