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Gwybodaeth a Chyngor ar Ddysgu Gartref/ Home Learning Information and Advice

On this page you will find lots of information on how to support your child with their learning.  Scroll to the bottom as we update this page all the time when new information comes through to us.

BBC Bitesize resources have been relaunched to support home learning


Blended Learning Policy 2020-21

Advice from Educational Psychology Service May 2020

While your children are not in school it is important that they continue to learn however, it is also important to remember that not all learning takes place on a computer or in a book.


If you have a garden or yard - talk about the wildlife that is there, try to grow things, draw pictures of what you can see, take photographs of plants and animals, draw with chalk on the ground, take leaf rubbings.

Now is the time for your child to learn how to use the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and toaster (age appropriate)!

Get out all those board games you haven't played in a while and play as a family.  Children (and some adults) need to learn to lose graciously!


Most importantly, hug and reassure your children.  THE MOST important learning that a child needs is how to communicate love and affection and how to feel safe.  Any loss of academic progress can be catered for when we return to school, anxiety and trauma are far more difficult for us to address and may affect your child for the rest of their life.


If you have done those sorts of things you can now start thinking about 'school work'...


On each class page are links to online learning that our school uses to support learning.  It is important that children do not just rush through these activities.  The activities have been specifically chosen for the age and ability of your child and teachers can see who has accessed the activities and when and how well they have done.


When teachers see that your child has completed the activities well, they will provide more learning.


Other ideas for home learning

Lots of celebrities and companies are now offering free apps, subscriptions, content etc.  Have a look what is available.

Write a daily diary with your child.  It will become history!


If you have any questions or suggestions please communicate with members of staff via the Facebook Gabalfa Primary page.



Useful resources from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (CAVUHB)

Speech and Language 

If your child has speech and language needs this Parent Portal is recommended:


ASD resources for families

return to school ASD resources

If your child needs support with literacy and numeracy, these resources may help

Resources from emotional health and wellbeing team

Video about Coronavirus for parents/carers and children

Please see flyer below offering EPS support by telephone consultations. Please contact school to arrange this.

Mental health awareness week-theme of kindness