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Pupil Voice - Gabalfa Primary School Ladder

Article 12 - You have the right to your opinion and have adults listen and take it seriously.


United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

We know how important it is for pupils to have a say in the important decisions affecting the school.  Our 'Ladder' contains nine steps that meet every Tuesday to plan actions that will improve our fantastic school even more.


Have you got an idea of how to improve our fantastic school?  Make sure you bring your ideas to the Ladder Meetings.


ECO champions are keen and active

ECO champions are a busy ladder group

We meet regularly and we are gathering evidence for our Green Flag award

  • We have a new ECO code 
  • We have a suggestions box
  • We are reading our meters to reduce CO2 with Ten Day Turn Down
  • We held a class assembly to share our ideas on climate change
  • We are working collaboratively as we try to be ethical, informed citizens

We are improving our environment with plants

We are raising money and recycling clothes with Rags to Riches 

We drafted and chose ideas for the ECO code

Cardiff schools energy newsletter

World Earth Day April 22nd 2020

The theme is Climate Action-what can we do as ECO Champions?