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Castanwydden (Chestnut)

Croeso i ddosbarth Castanwydden.  Welcome to Dosbarth Castanwydden.


Castanwydden is made up of 19 lively year 4 children. Our teacher is Miss K Wilsher. 


Our Summer term topic is To Infinity and Beyond. We will be learning all Space. We will explore shadows, gravity, day and night and the solar system. 


Please bring your PE kit in on a Monday morning and leave it in school until Friday. Every Tuesday afternoon we will be having cricket lessons. 


This term we will been exploring 'Changes' through our SEAL topic. 


In Welsh lessons we are learning about time Salwch - Illness. 

Shadow Investigation

Cricket Lessons

We have been developing our passing and catching skills.

We went on a trip to the Storey Arms centre in the Brecon Beacons. It was a lot of fun but we were very cold. 

We enjoyed walking through the forest and getting muddy!

Our trip to Boulders with Dosbarth Ceirios

Our Art trip to the National Museum of Wales

We went to visit the art galleries in the National Museum of Wales. We took part in a Landscape workshop with a lady called Grace who taught us how to read art. We had a fantastic time and learnt lots about interpreting art. 

Grace gave us statements about a piece of historic art. We had to decide whether the statement was fact or opinion. 


Georgia- I found out how to read art. We all had a piece of paper and we had to decide if it was a fact or opinion. 

Shane- I enjoyed looking at the sculpture because it was good. 

Jayden- I liked the sculpture because it is interesting. 

Cody- I enjoyed reading art. 

The Story of Gelert

We created emotions graphs for Llywelyn. Sut mae Llywelyn yn teimlo? We plotted how his mood changed throughout the story of Gelert. This helped us think about how he felt throughout the story.


Abdulazizz: Mae Llywelyn yn trist- when he came home. 

Terri- Mae: Mae Llywelyn yn trist yn fawr iawn- Llywelyn made a terrible mistake when he killed Gelert and realised it was the wolf. 

Neaveh: Mae Llywelyn yn hapus- when he went hunting. 


We really enjoyed the story of Gelert. 

We have been looking at temperature in Maths and Context

We learnt how to read a thermometer and measured the room temperature. We also measured the temperature of ourselves, hot and cold tap water and ice. We recorded the data in a table. We did an investigation where we left hot tap water and ice out over night in beakers. We wanted to see what would happen to the temperature of each beaker of water. We made predictions using our everyday experiences. 


Tommy: I really enjoyed this because it was fun and we measured the temperature of different things. 

Jayden: I was surprised because the ice cubes got warmer and they melted. I didn't realise the ice cubes would be the same temperature as the hot water.

Ffion: I was surprised because the room temperature stayed the same and the hot water and cold water were a similar temperature the next day. The ice cubes melted and the hot water got colder. 

We planned a fair test to find out where ice would melt the fastest? 

Luca: We got a planning sheet and wrote what we wanted to find out. We decided we would change where we put the ice. 

Aya: We put the ice outside, by the radiator and on the shelf. We measured the temperature for all of these places. 


Outdoors- 2 degrees

By the radiator- 38 degrees 

On the shelf- 23 degrees


Zahara: I thought that the ice on the radiator would melt the fastest because it is warmer than outside and that would mean it would melt. 


Our results: The ice next to the radiator melted faster than the other beakers of ice. It melted in 3 hours and 33 minutes. 


We really enjoyed making observations and recording our findings :) 

Making Shortbread Cookies for the Winter Fayre

Our Roman Mosaic Display

St Fagans

3 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

This is a song we have been using in class to help us learn our 3 times tables. We love it!

4 Times Table Song - "The Four Rap"- from "Multiplication Jukebox" CD by Freddy Shoehorn

We have also been trying to learn our 4 times tables. We like this video a lot too.

Dosbarth Castanwydden

Forces in action at the park

Lydstep Park Project

Castanwydden were lucky enough to have a visit from a local Blacksmith- Angharad Jones. Angharad is working with Cardiff Council to improve Lydstep Park and came to work with Castanwydden. Our challenge was to design some new gates for the park. We had tremendous fun doing this.

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