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Ceirios (Cherry)

Croeso i ddosbarth Ceirios.  Welcome to Dosbarth Ceirios.

Dosbarth Ceirios is made up of 28 girls and boys in Years 3 and 4. Our teacher is Miss Waind.


Our topic this term is To Infinity and Beyond! We will be learning about our planet, the solar system and the universe.


We are looking forward to developing our literacy, numeracy, thinking and ICT skills across our topic and all areas of the curriculum and we will update our page as we learn! We will be learning lots of Welsh and we will take it in turns each day to be the helper - The Helpwr Heddiw.


Our SEAL topics are Relationships and Changes. We will be developing the skills needed to form positive relationships, deal with with conflict and develop skills of resilience during times of change.


We need to bring our PE kits in on a Monday and leave them in school all week because our PE days may change.


Homework and reading books will be brought home on a Friday and book bags must come back into school each Monday.


We're a busy class with so much going on, come and take a look! Dewch i weld!smiley

Shadow investigation

We have been exploring night and day as a part of our context and we carried out an investigation to find out if shadows change in length throughout the day. We planned the investigation, made predictions and worked in groups to collect the data. We transferred our skills in measuring accurately and we recorded our results in a table. We discovered that the length of shadow is shortest during the middle of the day. This is because the earth rotates and throughout the day the sun appears to move across the sky [but it isn't the sun that is moving, it's us!]. In the middle of the day, the sun appears to be highest in the sky and so our shadows are shorter. Our shadows are longer in the morning and evening because the sun appears to be at it's lowest in the sky.

Our trip to Boulders with Dosbarth Castanwydden

On Friday 6th February we went on an amazing trip to Boulders Indoor Climbing Centre as a part of our Mountains context. We had a great morning! We developed our team work skills and the ability to persevere when faced with a challenge. 

Here's what we thought:

"It was amazing because if you just jumped off, you just went gliding down." James.

"I thought it was awesome!" Ashton.

"I felt nervous at the start and when I had my second go I felt really confident." Maddison.

"It was amazing because it helps you to be more confident." Abbie.

"The instructor helped me to persevere." Mazin.

"We learnt about what kit to use." Carys.

Our trip to the National Museum of Wales

We went on a trip to the National Museum in Cardiff to learn all about  Welsh Landscapes. We took part in a workshop where we explored two landscape paintings and a sculpture. We learnt about the artists Copley Fielding and Lowry and we learnt how to read art. We were also lucky enough to have a little bit of time exploring the national history exhibition. We had a great day!

Freezing Aliens for our Science Investigation!

In maths and science we have been exploring temperature. This week, we have planned and carried out an investigation to find out which of our aliens would be the first to be set free from their ice capsule [cup of ice!] We planned a fair test. We had to decide on the variables to change, keep the same and measure and we used our scientific knowledge to make predictions. 

Exploring temperature and negative numbers

Researching the Romans

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